my-Valid Information Open Secure


my-VIOS is a Personal Portable Database in the form of USB card, which provides a unique, innovative, efficient and effective solution to manage a large volume, fragmented information portfolio for the individual.

my-VIOS introduces integrity by ensuring data safety, security and validity; and data portability and availability, globally, and at all times (24/7), towards setting the foundation for a fully empowered, self-sustained individual.

my-VIOS is addressing a global market of a wide range of providers, to add value to their services portfolio, presenting a competitive advantage which will attract more customers, reduce operational costs, and subsequently provide value for money.

Simply The Best!

A unique digital solution which changes the way we address some of the most challenging problems in our daily life.

my-VIOS solution abandons the old concept of Central Data Repositories and Cloud Data Storage, and bypasses complex Blockchain Technology, to introduce Effective Simplicity in Personal Data Management whilst the information of the individual remains at all times in the different Providers Databases and my-VIOS card.

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