Who we are

We are
a group of Restless Visionaries who envisage an Amazing Future and we passionately work to deliver it Today!

Our Vision

We dream
of creating innovative solutions to facilitate formation and accelerate transition into a powerful future, where personal information management serves the wellbeing of the individual and the evolution of humanity.

Our Values

We Lead
the way by introducing transformational change to build global value, with integrity, transparency and a strong sense of duty and responsibility.

We are passionate about using technology to deliver Simple solutions for Complex needs.


We embrace challenge and work together across boundaries, to become better and achieve more; and we enjoy every minute of the journey.


We never rest, we generate ideas, we innovate, we collaborate to deliver, we strive to exceed expectations, we commit to excellence.


We build innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions of exceptional quality, in respect of our customers, and the world we live in.

Our Management Team

our motto: Citius Altius Fortius
Eleni Theodoridou
Eleni Theodoridou



  • University of Piraeus graduate School of Industrial Management and New Technologies
  • Prince2 Certified
  • Over 15 years of experience in Health IT
  • Over 10 years of experience in managing large scale IT projects
  • Over 12 years of experience in Business Management
  • Siba Soft LT Managing Director
  • General Secretary at the Hellenic Association of Health Informatics
Thomas Gletzakos
Thomas Gletzakos

Technical Support

Head of Products Maintenance & Support Department

  • Entrepreneur
  • B.S. Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • Growth Business Analyst Intern at Regional Health Hospital of S.D.
  • Product Analysis and Quality Assurance experience (SIBA SOFT S.A. and Atcom S.A.)
Ioannis Karapostolis
Ioannis Karapostolis

Technical Support Managing Director

  • Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki graduate, School of Physics
  • Specialized in software development
  • Over 20 years of experience in Software Analysis, Design and Development.
  • Siba Soft LT Technical Manager
Nikolaos Laliotis
Nikolaos Laliotis


  • University of Piraeus graduate, School of Economic Science
  • General Accounting Specialist – Financial Statement Analysis Specialist – Double Entry Accounting System Specialist
  • Siba Soft LT Accounting Manager

An idea is Born

In September 2013, a group of Greek Business Owners started from Athens to venture on a business trip to Nairobi, Kenya. During our journey, we attended a special gathering dedicated to Kenya’s Maasai culture. That’s when I met Eric, a young Kenyan who told me his story. About a year ago, Eric had been mugged on his way home. For the robbers to take Eric’s laptop they shot Eric point blank, to the chest.

Eric was lucky enough to be immediately transferred to the hospital but doctors couldn’t (or wouldn’t) lay their hands on him until:

  1. he was accurately identified;
  2. it was confirmed that he was covered by a health insurance plan; and
  3. it was confirmed that he didn’t have any communicable disease such as HIV, Hepatitis or other.

This is what doctors call NO hands on in Kenya.

Eric’s resuscitation process lasted about six hours due to the prementioned verifications, significantly longer than what international medical emergency protocols advise, during which Eric’s Health condition deteriorated as he was bleeding internally. Eventually Eric was lucky and survived.

When Eric finished his story, he said: Help us improve health services in my country; a country where people die because the necessary information is not available

That is when I thought that what Eric was asking for, was rather simple! Just a USB device with the critical health information of the individual could make a difference.

Three days later, at West Gate, the biggest Mall in Nairobi, innumerous explosions in one of the worst terrorist attacks in the history of the country, resulted in the whole building to collapse, leading to the death of a large number of people and injuries to even more. That is when Eric wrote to me about the incident and said:

many people died because they didn’t have essential information about their health readily available. It’s imperative, that you come back to Kenya with a solution.

Five years later, we present the solution ……..