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my-VIOS CV Card

my-VIOS is the First VALID Digital CV, in the form of a USB card, owned by the individual. A globally unique solution introducing integrity by ensuring individual credential validity and reliability.

A new concept which disrupts current credential verification practices, presenting a globally unique innovation, via which the individual can collect ALL their credentials and certifications from ANY different educational institution/entity, serving as a single point of reference for the personal credentials for each individual.

my-VIOS CV operation

my-VIOS is designed to securely collect and safely store an individual’s complete Curriculum Vitae inclusive but not restricted to: Personal information, College/University career, degrees, diplomas, credentials and certificates, dissertations and referral letters, medical information and more; from Colleges, Universities, Educational Institutions, Governmental and non-Governmental Organizations etc. regardless the software the Provider uses.

Each USB card presents a unique Serial Number and Primary Key, which allow the remote and secure identification of the card. The card contains an encrypted database and software specifically designed to access this database to “read” encoded data.

my-VIOS CV card is plug and play, with no specific hardware or software requirements and no restrictions/prerequisites in regard to operational systems. To further ensure data validity and security an online platform (VIOS House), manages every step of the process and archives the full history of my-VIOS cards (Registration Date, Activation Date and Data Synchronization Diary).

Universities and other educational entities can provide my-VIOS cards to their graduates, carrying a digital copy of their entire college and/or university career, including degrees, diplomas, certificates, internships, achievements, volunteering, legal documents for international students and more.

Additionally, governments as well as private entities, can provide my-VIOS cards to their employees or members, carrying a digital copy of their entire career path, including amongst others: positions, ranks, tasks, achievements and more.

The process demands that Providers transmit data from their in-house software to my-VIOS card. Data input is restricted to my-VIOS CV card Provider which is the only entity that can perform or authorize data input into the card, ensuring my-VIOS card data validity and therefore information reliability.

The process has been developed with Safety and Security as top priorities, in full respect of the privacy of individual information, therefore facilitating GDPR compliance.

my-VIOS CV benefits

  • Credibility for universities and other educational institutions and their graduates, as well as for organizations and their members
  • Reduced costs and time required for credential verification processes
  • Elimination of fraudulent actions related to fake resume certifications
  • and more…

my-VIOS CV providers

  • Educational Institutions
  • Governmental entities
  • Private Organizations
  • and more…

Introducing Integrity!


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