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my-VIOS Refugee Card

my-VIOS is the first Complete Portable Individual Beneficiary Record Solution in the form of a USB card, owned by the individual.

A globally unique approach, which efficiently and effectively connects all involved parties, to eventually perform as the beneficiary's electronic ID, certified digital CV, Complete Personal Health Record, and a digitized folder which contains the detailed delivery history of all aid received (and/or planned to be received) by the individual.

my-VIOS Refugee operation

my-VIOS is designed to securely collect and safely store an individual’s Personal Data inclusive of Personal Identification information, medical information and more, regardless the software the Provider uses.

Each USB card presents a unique Serial Number and Primary Key, which allow the remote and secure identification of the card. The card contains an encrypted database and software specifically designed to access this database to “read” encoded data.

my-VIOS Refugee card is plug and play, with no specific hardware or software requirements and no restrictions/prerequisites in regard to operational systems. To further ensure data validity and security an online platform (VIOS House), manages every step of the process and archives the full history of my-VIOS cards (Registration Date, Activation Date and Data Synchronization Diary).

A Benefactor, Government/NGO/NFP or other, provides a my-VIOS card to each individual refugee, in which ALL their personal information (including the results of the initial health screening) is stored.

The benefactor registers the specific refugee card to their system where an automated process incorporated in my-VIOS card facilitates Intelligent Data Processing via a unique, state of the art method of “matching” the needs of the individual to goods and services available, to subsequently produce a long-term personalized plan for the specific individual in regards to the nature and quantity of aid entitled to receive, taking into account aid availability.

Every time the specific individual refugee places a request, they present my-VIOS card which serves as an electronic ID, verifies entitlement for receipt of aid and records aid provided/received, creating a valid, reliable individual humanitarian aid delivery record, facilitating process transparency. The process can be performed online and offline, from any location (globally), anytime (24/7) and allows for real time valid and reliable status reports, to anyone who is availed with access to the system.

The process has been developed with Safety and Security as top priorities, in full respect of the privacy of sensitive/private individual information, facilitating GDPR compliance.

my-VIOS Refugee benefits

  • Beneficiary ID data validity and reliability
  • Beneficiary presence for receipt of Aid
  • Reduction of system abuse (aid received multiple times)
  • Process transparency
  • Automated Matching (Available Aid with Existing Needs)
  • Long term planning
  • Reliable real time data access
  • Reliable real time statistics for Benefactors
  • GDPR compliance
  • Ease of use

my-VIOS Refugee providers

  • Governments/Governmental Entities
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Humanitarian Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Benefactors

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