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my-VIOS Health Card

my-VIOS Health is the FIRST Complete Portable Personal Health Record (PHR) Solution in the form of a USB card, owned and handled by the individual.

A new concept which disrupts the current health information management practices, presenting a globally unique innovation, via which the individual can collect ALL their health data from ANY & ALL their different health providers, serving as a single point of reference for the health data of each individual.

my-VIOS Health operation

Every time medical information is generated (test results, medical diagnosis etc.) it is stored in a Health Provider’s database.

my-VIOS is designed to remotely, directly and securely, 24/7 and from any location worldwide, collect from any Health Provider (Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Private Practitioners etc.) regardless the health information system the Provider uses; and safely store, a patient’s complete medical file.

Each USB card presents a unique Serial Number and Primary Key, which allow the remote and secure identification of the card by different Servers, to ensure compatibility with different software globally. The card contains an encrypted database and software specifically designed to access this database to “read” encoded health data, facilitating fast, selective review of a patient’s medical history via a comprehensive interface, to support individual informed decision taking and facilitate the diagnostic process for medical personnel.

my-VIOS USB card is plug and play, with no specific hardware or software requirements and no restrictions/prerequisites in regard to operational systems. For data review, a computer and a browser qualify, whilst for data update a WiFi connection is the only additional requirement. To further ensure data validity and security an online platform (VIOS House), manages every step of the process and archives the full history of my-VIOS cards (Registration Date, Activation Date and Data Synchronization Diary).

my-VIOS owner just needs to request to “sync” the card online with their compatible health providers, and data is automatically released directly from the Health providers’ database to the card, to subsequently avail the individual with access to their health information from any location globally, anytime (24/7) online and offline.

Data input is restricted to the health provider; no manual data entry is allowed by anyone and for any reason besides the health provider, ensuring data validity and thus reliability of information.

The process demands that Health Providers transmit data from their in-house medical software to my-VIOS card achieving:

  • data structure standardization;
  • data encoding standardization;
  • data origin identification, ensuring and enhancing accountability.

Eventually, my-VIOS provides for Intelligent Data Processing via a unique, state of the art method of restructuring health information, to further present it in a format surprisingly simple, yet impressively comprehensive, towards improving medical care provided and reducing health related costs.

The process has been developed with Safety and Security as top priorities, in full respect of the privacy of sensitive individual health information, therefore facilitating HIPPA and GDPR compliance.

my-VIOS Health benefits

  • Individual Health Data Portability and Availability
  • Data Safety and Security
  • Data Validity, resulting in Medical Information Reliability
  • Improved Clinical Outcomes
  • Reduced Medical Errors
  • Reduced Health Related Costs
  • GDPR and HIPAA Compliance
  • Interoperability for my-VIOS compatible Health Providers

my-VIOS Health providers

  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Governmental Health Entities
  • Hospitals
  • Private Practitioners
  • Self-Insured Companies
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Patient Communities

The Future Of Health is HERE!

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