Safe and Secure

my-VIOS card stores data in an encrypted database with a password protected login access, to ensure that information remains at all times in the legal owner’s sole possession.

Leaks and Hacks

Mobile applications and cloud data storage solutions’ safety and security has been challenged (hacking incidents) and therefore present unreliable.

Safety & Security
Valid Information

Data input is restricted to the Provider who generates the information (data owners have access to review but not input or modify this information), eliminating the potential of fraudulent action, and facilitating provider accountability.

Unreliable Data

Mobile applications and cloud solutions have no data input/modification restrictions, therefore hinder the risk of fraudulent action. Blockchain solutions ensure process safety and security but similarly, have no data input/modification restrictions. Eventually these solutions cannot ensure data validity and reliability.

Data Validity & Reliability
Simple and Easy

my-VIOS is user friendly, fully supporting a simplified “plug & play” operation, presenting no additional software, or hardware requirements to operate.

Restrictive and Expensive

Microchip cards and mobile applications require specific software to operate. Microchip cards additionally present specific hardware prerequisites, resulting in increased implementation costs and time.

Software & Hardware Requirements
Global, 24/7 Access

my-VIOS requires only a personal computer access to review data stored in the card, from any location worldwide (globally) and at all times (24/7). For data update, it additionally requires an internet connection.

Restricted Operation

Microchip cards require specific intranet setup to operate, presenting location restrictions. Mobile applications present software and occasionally hardware restrictions as well.

Data Portability & Availability
GDPR/HIPPA Compliance

my-VIOS facilitates compliance to National and International Data Protection Regulations (ref: HIPPA & GDPR)

Questionable Data Protection

Microchip cards, Cloud solutions and mobile applications do not comply to GDPR guidelines since they cannot ensure control of which entity keeps records of sensitive/private information of the individual.

LEGAL Compliance