my-VIOS Providers

WHO can become my-VIOS provider.

For a brief description of which entity can become a VIOS Provider, you can refer to each specific my-VIOS product page, to access a non-exhaustive list of providers for the different versions of the product.

Do VIOS Providers have to change their Software Systems?

The answer is NO. VIOS is a solution designed to operate in a complementary manner to any existing software, to further provide global data portability and availability 24/7. The only necessary prerequisite for someone to become VIOS Provider is to incorporate VIOS API to their systems, to enable data transmission.

What about Data Safety and Security ?

my-VIOS ensures utmost Data Safety and Security, facilitating VIOS Provider compliance to regulations and guidelines referring to individual data protection. Data remain at all times in my-VIOS Provider database, with my-VIOS card Owner receiving only a copy of the data. Data transmission is performed “one way” from VIOS Provider's database to the card. my-VIOS Provider, cannot under no circumstances, access data stored in the card during connection.

my-VIOS is much more than a USB card ...

my-VIOS is a COMPLETE system with limitless abilities, developed to support different Provider operations. Among others, it provides a fully developed notification system to support communication between Providers and my-VIOS card Owners via the use of bulk or individual messaging (reminders, notifications, personalized communication and more).