Facilitating connection to any database

my-VIOS is a USB card which can interoperate and receive data from any software and any database globally;

VIOS API is a Rest Services based technology which facilitates my-VIOS data transfer.

my-VIOS Providers can select between two (2) my-VIOS API implementation models:

  1. API integration into data views the Provider has already available; and
  2. Utilization of VIOS API BOX, in which case the Provider transfers all data into the API BOX and all the rest is managed by my-VIOS Ecosystem.

To ensure data transfer Safety and Security it is highly recommended that my-VIOS API operates in a distinctive Server.

A simplified four (4) step process ensures my-VIOS Unparalleled Operational Security.

  1. my-VIOS Providers join my-VIOS Ecosystem and receive Connection and Identification Credentials from the Server which will process data transfer.
  2. It is a mandatory requirement that the Server has Internet Connection and ssl certification.
  3. A data digital seal/signature is created in cooperation with the Provider for the data which will be transferred into my-VIOS cards.
  4. The Provider avails the data to be transferred and my-VIOS API performs the actual transfer.

We commit ourselves to provide all Technical Support required for my-VIOS API activation, to my-VIOS Providers who place such a request.