my-VIOS Cloud

Supporting my-VIOS CV operation

my-VIOS CV is a Personal Portable Digital Individual Resume in the form of a USB card, which has been developed to receive, store and present with the utmost safety and security in encoded digital form the individual’s personal data (ID), educational credentials, academic certifications, documents presenting and confirming work experience, as well as any other essential individual information which would present my-VIOS CV owner as the Perfect Candidate for a job.

my-VIOS CV can enclose all essential individual information, as in the individual’s resume.

Data transfer into my-VIOS CV card, requires that information is digitalized through a Data Management Program, and stored in a database until transfer is authorized.

In case my-VIOS CV Provider (such as University, or Human Resource Company or other) does not possess such software, we offer utilization of VIOS Cloud.

VIOS Cloud is a Web based Platform, availing my-VIOS CV Provider to maintain:

  • A Human Resource (Individuals) Inventory
  • Academic related individual information
  • Work experience related individual information
  • And there is a special section for any other type of information

Individual related data archived and stored in the card could be in the form of:

  • Text files
  • Image files
  • Video files

VIOS Cloud allows:

  • Interoperability of all VIOS compliant providers towards providing them with the ability to perform data input, which is automatically incorporated into the individuals my-VIOS CV card.
  • Data release approval process, to allow for the automated my-VIOS CV card update once requested by the owner.
  • An SMS communication system with the different my-VIOS CV owners/holders.

We commit ourselves to respond to any VIOS Cloud customization requests, to present my-VIOS CV Health Provider with the ultimate tool, to introduce integrity and ensure individual credential/certification validity.