my-VIOS Help

Supporting my-VIOS Refugee operation

my-VIOS Refugee is a USB card which serves as the Personal Portable Database of the individual refugee receiving Aid, in the Country where the refugee resides. my-VIOS Refugee was developed and designed to archive with utmost safety and security the individual refugee personal data (ID), the aid requested and the aid received; all in real time; all in the form of digital encoded data.

To ensure that Aid request and Aid delivery information is transferred and archived in my-VIOS card real time, we created a back office to organize and manage the below information:

  1. Refugee inventories
  2. Refugee needs inventories
  3. Aid delivery schedules
  4. Aid delivery transactions

Identifying a market gap in customized software addressing the above listed requirements, we developed VIOS Help, to ensure availability of a complete system for managing Humanitarian Aid Delivery.

VIOS Help is a Web based Platform, in which Benefactors can record and archive the below information:

  • Lists of individuals receiving aid (beneficiaries)
  • Lists of benefactors (organizations, entities, individuals offering aid as well as volunteers, providers etc.)
  • Aid available (encoded information): goods, services, and more.
  • Aid delivery scheduling, inclusive of all transfers and transactions.

VIOS Help is a parametric system, with Aid that can be recorded in the system being: Goods (food, clothing, medication etc); Services (training, education, legal support etc); Hospitality Services (matching individual refugees to available hospitality services);

Medical Services (health check-up, psychological support etc) etc. The system’s ability to incorporate number of refugees and Aid volumes available, is limitless.

VIOS Help incorporates automated matching algorithms of individual refugee needs to Aid available, ensuring a personalized Aid Delivery Plan for the individual refugee. The process and algorithms can be fully customized according to the needs and requirements of my-VIOS Provider.

The process mandates that each time a beneficiary receives Aid, they use my-VIOS card in order to:

  • Provide proof that they are the individual for which the aid delivered is intended (the legitimate refugee to receive aid)
  • For the action to be recorded in VIOS Cloud and my-VIOS card, real time.

Out of the totality of the information in their database, my-VIOS Refugee Providers can select and approve only data transfers which relate to personal refugee information, which the individual refugee has to receive a digital copy of. For this reason, VIOS Help avails a special view supporting Data Release process.

VIOS Help operates online, maximizing my-VIOS implementation benefits; and offline as well. To maximize utilization and respond to different needs, the system can also incorporate mobile and other applications.

VIOS Help operation, can securely respond to all questions related to current Humanitarian Aid delivery challenges such as: Who received Aid? What was the nature of Aid received? Where did Aid originate from? When transactions took place? How much is the Aid required? Does volume of Aid available, meet the totality of needs listed? and more…

We commit ourselves to respond to any VIOS Help customization request to present my-VIOS Refugee Provider with the ultimate Digital Tool to manage Humanitarian Aid Delivery.