my-VIOS House

Facilitating connection to any database

my-VIOS card Providers are automatically availed with access to VIOS House a web platform which allows my-VIOS cards management. VIOS House can be used to:

  • Place an order for my-VIOS cards. The Provider can select quantity, printout, card storage space and other features for my-VIOS cards, towards placing an order.
  • Manage my-VIOS cards Orders & Deliveries. VIOS House allows Providers to monitor deliveries and acknowledge receipt; it also keeps a detailed archive of all actions in each specific Provider account. Providers can additionally use VIOS House to receive copies of freight forwarding documents and airway bills in pdf format.
  • Perform my-VIOS card Registration. Upon Provider delivery of my-VIOS cards to individual beneficiaries, the Provider uses VIOS House to perform my-VIOS card registration, by introducing/linking specific individual Identification information, to specific my-VIOS card Serial Numbers.
  • Perform as my-VIOS card Electronic Warehouse. VIOS House performs as my-VIOS card electronic warehouse, providing real time, accurate and detailed information on available stock for each specific Provider.
  • Block my-VIOS card operation. my-VIOS card Provider can use VIOS House to block my-VIOS card(s) operation, in case of card loss or end of service.
  • Approve my-VIOS card data update by Other Providers. my-VIOS Ecosystem is continuously expanding with New Providers. Each Provider can select to either be the only entity able to access and upload data into their beneficiaries’ cards; or to allow other Providers become compatible with my-VIOS Ecosystem and directly upload data into the cards. VIOS House presents a list with all compatible Providers for each one of them to be able to select who they wish to authorize with access to upload data into their beneficiary cards.
  • Archive my-VIOS Card Diary. VIOS House avails each Provider with a detailed view for the operation of each card, allowing for valid and transparent monitoring of the cards’ operation including delivery time, activation time, and detailed card data update related to the times data was uploaded via the specific Provider’s Server.