my-VIOS Mind

Supporting my-VIOS Health operation

my-VIOS Health is the Personal Portable Digital Medical File of the individual in the form of a USB card, which has been developed to receive and store with the utmost safety and security, and eventually present the individual’s personal data (ID), and all the personal health information and medical history of the individual in encoded digital form.

To process data transfer into my-VIOS Health card, there is a requirement for the information to be digitalized through a Medical Data Management Program and stored in a database until transfer is authorized. To facilitate my-VIOS Health Providers who do not possess such software, we offer utilization of VIOS Mind.

VIOS Mind is a Web based Platform, developed to support Primary Health Services such as Private Practice Physicians, or small Clinics, where it is used to archive the Individual Patient Medical History, patient visits, the care provided and all health data and interventions per event.

VIOS Mind is an intelligent tool which:

  • Archives information in the form of encoded data: patient diagnosis (ICD coding), medical interventions, diagnostic tests and other.
  • Can store text files
  • Can receive, store and archive video and image files.

VIOS Mind can additionally support daily operations of a Private Practice Clinic, managing amongst others: patient scheduled visits (scheduling and confirmation), physician notes, patient follow up communication inclusive of SMS notifications (patient reminders and more). It also avails for a complete set of statistical analysis in regards to the operation of the Clinic.

For individual patient private information to be released to my-VIOS Health card, there is a requirement that information is selected, reviewed and approved towards transfer, by the physicians themselves, via a special VIOS Mind view (release process).

We commit ourselves to respond to any VIOS Mind customization requests, to present my-VIOS Health Provider with the ultimate tool, to facilitate transition of their operations related to Health Information Management, into the Digital Era.