my-VIOS Wave

Supporting my-VIOS Seafarer operation

my-VIOS Seafarer is a USB card which serves as a Portable Personal Digital Individual File for Crew Members, including amongst others personal resume (CV), and health information. my-VIOS Seafarer has been developed to receive, store and present with the utmost Safety and Security an individual’s personal identification information (ID), academic certifications and training credentials, work experience and their medical history and health information.

To process data transfer into my-VIOS Seafarer card, there is a requirement for the information to be digitalized through a Data Management Program and stored in a database until transfer is authorized. To facilitate my-VIOS Seafarer Providers who do not possess such software, we offer utilization of VIOS Wave.

VIOS Wave is a Web based Platform, created to support my-VIOS Seafarer operation, which can be used by my-VIOS Seafarer Provider,s to store different kinds of information, such as:

  • Crew member registries
  • Crew member academic qualifications related information
  • Crew member work experience information
  • And there is an additional section provided to be used for the archiving of any other information considered essential by the Provider.

Additionally, there is a separate section in my-VIOS Seafarer card in which individual Health information is stored inclusive of the below:

  • Crew members’ individual medical files in the form of encoded data.
  • Diagnostic tests related to the Fit & Well certificate.
  • Health Insurance related information, inclusive of a detailed list of all medical incidents and treatment received during travel, regardless of the country in which they occur.

Out of the totality of the information in their database, my-VIOS Seafarer Providers can select and approve only data transfers which relate to personal crew member information, which the individual crew member has to receive a digital copy of. For this reason, VIOS Wave avails a special view supporting Data Release process.

VIOS Wave facilitates:

  • Interoperability of all VIOS compliant Providers, towards availing them with the ability to perform data input, which is automatically incorporated into the individuals’ my-VIOS Seafarer card.
  • Data release approval process, to allow for the automated my-VIOS Seafarer card update once requested by the owner.
  • An SMS communication system between the Provider and my-VIOS Seafarer owner/holders.

We commit ourselves to respond to any VIOS Wave customization requests, to present my-VIOS Seafarer Provider with the ultimate tool, to manage Human Resources in Maritime.